Co Load Developments (CLD) is a premier construction and Real Estate Company based in the Republic of Maldives. Our construction and real estate ventures are highly praised for its quality from both our clients and tenants.

Welcome to Co-Load Pvt Limted — Co Load Developments (CLD) was formed on January 2011 to venture into construction of residential, commercial and recreational and Real Estate Developments. The main goal is to contribute to the development of the industry and to provide buildings that are of high quality and functionality. CLD is managed by the directors of the company who are well educated and certified in their respective fields of Design, QS and Finance, thus providing all the technical support to every client and project. It also works very close with the client of every project to ensure that the product delivered by CLD is finished to the quality of the clients expectations If you would like a review of your project documents or if you're just considering a new project, click here to schedule one of our 30-minute discovery calls with a construction expert. On that call, we'll ask you many questions and listen hard to understand what's important in your specific project. We'll then apply the Dagit Process to your project so that you can see a visual representation of what your project will look like as far as timeline and action items that need to make it a success.

Name: Co Load Developments Pvt Ltd.

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M. Maamuli – 4F, Haveeree Hingun, PC - 20281, Male’, Maldives.
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